Our organization prides itself on excellence. We seek to attract the most aspiring members of our discipline so that we may join together to strengthen our organization and our community around it. Members are expected to express scholarship, leadership, ethicality, and widespread interests, all of which are traits of an outstanding professional. With such a strong community for support, we are able to grow as students and professionals.

Each year, UPE provides its students with opportunities to network with alumni. These events allow current and past members to form ties between members that would otherwise never know each other and miss out on a fun experience.

UPE Members and Faculty coundown
UPE Members and faculty countdown for the “Magic Moment” on 11/1/10 when the clock hits 10:11:11 AM. This date and time lexicographically represent 11110101111, the binary number on our key and the year UPE was founded.

UPE also holds volunteering opportunities with other students in promoting computer science and science in general. In the past we have hosted events to help Drexel students prepare for co-op interviews by reviewing résumés and holding mock interviews. Also, we collaborate with other CCI organizations such as DUCSTeach, Women in Computing Society, and the Math & Computer Society to hold events.


Undergraduate and graduate students with at least a 3.0 Cumulative GPA, is a CCI student, and have shown scholarship, leadership, ethicality, and widespread interests within their time at Drexel are eligible for membership. Invitations will be sent out to selected eligible students in either the Fall or Spring Quarter.